Satisfying your snacking cravings

Perhaps you’re not that hungry, and all your stomach is hankering for is a quick bite, or snack, to satisfy your palette.

The best go-to place that I suggest for ice cream, candy, chocolates and more is Aunt Nina’s Sweets & Treats in Crest Hill. Located just 10 minutes away from Lewis’ main campus, Sweets & Treats serves up a bevy snack-related foods and desserts that’ll satisfy any twenty-something’s cravings.

Though their prices may be out of range for some, their homemade chocolates and bulk candy are definitely worth it. When I spoke with co-owner, Christina Newcomb, she explained that their homemade chocolates are $20.99 per pound, and is much less cheaper than many other, well-known, chocolate makers like Fannie May. Their bulk candy, on the other hand, are $9.99 per pound, and these candies include M&M’s, gummy bears, saltwater taffy, among others, which she explained can be mixed and matched by patrons.

What really stood out for me was their wall of homemade popcorn, with flavors ranging from your typical caramel and cheddar, to unconventional flavors like ketchup, birthday cake and my personal favorite, nacho cheese. The usual bag of popcorn that I get is under $5, which is perfect for anyone looking for a snack.

With other “sweets & treats” like ice cream and homemade pastries, Aunt Nina’s Sweets & Treats is definitely worth checking out.

Aunt Nina’s Sweets & Treats
21121 Division St.
Crest Hill, IL 60441