On a somewhat related note…Paula Deen riding things

A good Saturday to all!

Although my blog’s aim is to be a food guide for college students, I wanted to switch gears up a little bit and talk about something that’s food related (or rather Food Network related) and get off topic, if only for this one post. I wrote about this topic in The Radar for The Flyer Newspaper, and I thought it’d be fitting to write about it here as well.

Anyway, I’m a big Food Network fan. I feel like my interest in cooking really took off when my cousins and I would try and cook one of Rachel Ray’s “30-Minute Meals.” We’d fail, of course, not because the food we made tasted horrible, but because those “30-Minute Meals” ended up taking us over an hour to make, especially considering our inexperience. Since then, I’ve gotten better at cooking, and I’ve come to be a big fan of other Food Network stars like Ina Garten, Dave Lieberman, Giada De Laurentiis and, a personal favorite, Paula Deen.

Photo courtesy of paualdeenridingthings.com

For those unaware, a couple of things people should know about Paula Deen is that she’s very eccentric, has an infectious laugh, cooks mouth-watering country recipes and has quite the love for butter. Recently, she was seen riding the back of another Food Network host at some food and wine event in February. Since then, people have begun to Photoshop her riding other things (like butter, Snooki’s hair bump and Bambi) in the novelty website, Paula Deen Riding Things.

Although the site’s name seems a bit suggestive, it’s definitely far from it! It’s more of an homage (albeit comedic) to one of the most lovable, down-to-earth and skilled chefs out there today.