Stretch your dollar and your belt at Fat Ricky’s

Sorry for the lull in posts, but nonetheless, I’m back with another suggestion for you hungry hounds. We all know that pizza’s pretty much the staple food among every college student’s diet. Though highly celebrated amongst our age group, it’s also linked to one of the most debated topics: Who has the best pizza?

Being a part of The Flyer newspaper, our adviser brings us some of the best pizza I’ve tasted during our late production nights. Beggar’s Pizza, for example, lives up to their promise of “laying it on thick” by having a solid layer of cheese and topping, while Chicagoland favorite, Aurelio’s Pizza, has one of the tastiest, sweetest pizza sauces that’s ever hit my palette.

Fat Ricky's pizza by the slice at $3.50. Nom, nom.

Though both great establishments, one local place to hit up that’s a favorite of mine is Fat Ricky’s off Rt. 53. Not only do they have a wide selection of food on their menu, they’re also just five to seven minutes away from Lewis’ campus. On days when I only have a 5 dollar bill in my pocket, my go-to choice is their pizza-by-the-slice option, which comes to a total of $3.50. Though it’s a pretty attractive price, I should note, however, that unfortunately this price is sans drink. However, it still beats out the pizza options on campus (Sodexho pizza, anyone?)

Though it’s thin crust, what’s great about their pizza by the slice is that diners have the option of choosing between cheese, pepperoni or their sweet, homemade Italian sausage, which I highly recommend. What’s also great is the portion they come in, which (judging by the photo above) clearly spills over the plate.

Offering other dishes like deep dish pizza (which start at $10.75), burgers and pasta, and being so close to Lewis, Fat Ricky’s is definitely worth checking out. Disagree and have another local pizza place that you absolutely love? Sound off in the comments section!

Fat Ricky’s
660 N. Independence Boulevard (Rt. 53)
Romeoville, Ill. 60446
(815) 293-2900