The Ramen noodle remedy

Sometimes, there’s just not enough funds in my wallet for lunch on days when I get home from class. Even worse, as I sometimes desperately rummage through the pantry and the fridge, all that’s left is a bottle of ketchup, a few eggs, a bottle of Moscato and the staple food amongst our age group: Ramen noodle.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bowl of Ramen, especially on days when I’m feeling really sick. But on days when my stomach’s growling louder than usually does, I need my Ramen to have some substance. I mean, when you look at it, all you get is noodles and chicken flavoring, which eventually turns into broth once you add the boiling water.

For those days when I need a little protein with my Ramen, I add an egg into the boiling water. Now, before you click the “X” button on top of the browser in disgust, think of it: You’ve got a chicken flavored Ramen, what better way to add substance to it than by adding a (somewhat) related food, an egg? Also, if you’ve ever had Chinese egg drop soup, it’s pretty much the same consistency and taste.

I should note, however, that if you want to try this recipe, merely adding hot water won’t thoroughly cook the Ramen and the egg. I suggest following the stove top cooking directions to make sure that your bowl of Ramen and egg is not only cooked thoroughly, but tastes delicious as well.


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