First things first and the Front Street Cantina

Hello, and welcome to The College Cantina blog! I’m Carlo and I’m a student at Lewis University majoring in journalism.

As college students, we’re often left with minimal options when it comes to filling our appetites. Tuition, text books, gas and other expenses get in the way, often leaving us with 10  bucks in our pockets and a six-pack of Ramen noodles in our cupboards. Fret not, though, because my goal with The College Cantina blog is to find local, non, big chain restaurants in the Romeoville area that offer great deals fit for our budget. (The word “Cantina,” for those curious individuals, means wine cellar in Spanish, and is closely related to the Filipino word for cafeteria, “canteen”)

The first restaurant that I highly recommend (which happens to also have “Cantina” in its name) is Front Street Cantina in Plainfield. Located off the downtown main strip, Frontstreet Cantina is a small, Mexican themed restaurant that serves amazing, delicious authentic Mexican food. What I absolutely love about them is that their food isn’t greasy and that they’re very generous with their portions. Patrons are often served free, warm tortilla chips with a heaping amount of fresh, chunky salsa dip as an appetizer. Their lunch and dinner platters are always served with black beans and the tastiest Mexican rice I’ve tasted outside of the city.

Students with only a Hamilton in their wallet can get a lot out of Front Street Cantina’s Lunch Specials Menu, because everything’s under 10 bucks! Cheese lovers out there (and a personal favorite of mine) should try the chimichanga. The chimichanga is basically a filling, deep fried burrito with mozzarella and your choice of meat inside.

With a very decorative interior, and located right across from a park, I’d say that Front Street Cantina in Plainfield is worth the visit.

The Front Street Cantina
15120 South Des Plaines St

Plainfield, IL 60544


6 responses

  1. For one, the idea of this blog is AMAZING. I always find myself at McDonald’s or Taco Bell because of my low spending money, and judging by the looks of this post, you know a lot of good, cheap places to go! I’m going to talk to a friend about heading to Front Street this week, it sounds great!

    • Let me know how you like Front Street! Their lunch/dinner platter prices aren’t bad, but they do give you a lot for it, on top of the chips and salsa. I know the weather’s a bit cold still, but try visiting again on a warmer day. A friend of mine and I went one day during the summer and bought our food to go. Since they’re right in front of a park, we brought a picnic blanket and just had lunch outside, so, like I said, their location is also perfect! Enjoy!

    • I hope you like Front Street, Alex, and I’ll definitely give La Villa a try sometime soon. I’m not that picky when it comes to the greasiness factor. It’s just that there’s this one Mexican restaurant in Romeoville that I’ve gone to that left me feeling too heavy and a bit nauseated because their food was just too oily.

  2. Wondering if this is a chain? I think there is Front Street Cantina in Naperville and Geneva that I have been to. I think it’s a good place to go with a different atmosphere. The downtown feel of Naperville and Geneva I think brought them in with their location and the food is what keeps bringing them back. I’m not sure if there is a relation with the restaurants, but if it is, I guess that’s a good sign for their business.

    • Yeah, I’ve been to the Naperville location before, and it’s definitely a nice location on Jefferson. That whole street, come to think of it, has a lot of great restaurants! I think they also have another one in Lemont too.

      What I meant by “chain,” though, is that I want to avoid places like Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Panera and other big-name places that can be found just anywhere. Though Front Street has other locations nearby, they’re only in Illinois and I felt like it still has that local feel to it. Keep posted for more!

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